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Garbage Schedules
July 4th 2013 GARBAGE schedule
Written by WMGOradio   
Tuesday, 02 July 2013 16:54

July 4th 2013 GARBAGE schedule:
no pick up Thursday July 4th
Thursday routes will pick up Friday
Friday routes will pick up Saturday
this is for both the COUNTY pickup as well as in the city limits of CANTON.

Written by WMGOradio   
Friday, 28 December 2012 18:13
New Years week garbage schedule:

In the City Limits of Canton, Waste Pro routes will run normal on Monday but not run at all on Tuesday. 
Pickup will be one day behind the rest of the week:
Tuesday routes picked up Wednesday
Wednesday routes will be picked up on Thursday
Thursday routes will be picked up on Friday
Friday routes will be picked up on Saturday

Outside the city limnits of Canton, Madison County road department pickup will run mnormal on Monday. There will be no pickup on Tuesday.
BOTH the Tuesday and Wednesday routes will be picked up on Wednesday
The rest of week will run normal
Written by Jerry Lousteau   
Monday, 25 June 2012 17:11
Cameron Street
Cauthen Street
Chestnut Alley
Commercial Pkwy
Cook Place
Cowan Street
Cross Street
Curbview Cove
Dr. R. B. Harris Drive
Feather Lane
Front Street (South of Peace Street)
Garrett Street
Goodson Road
Harvey Watkins Sr Drive (south of Peace Street)
Henry Street
Hickory Street ( South of Peace Street)
Hwy 22 (in the City Limits west of Plummer)
Kennedy Street
Lee Street
Mill Street
Mosley Street
Nissan Pkwy West
Oliver Street
Otto Street
Roby Street
Rosebud Street
S. Canal Street
S. Union Street
Semmes Street (at west of Hwy 51)
Sidney Runnels Drive
Soldiers Colony Road
Stoner Street
Third Avenue (in the city limits)
Thornhill Drive
Trigg Hill Drive
Trolio Street
Tuter Street
W Peace Street (South Side of Square West to Plummer)
W. Academy Street
W. Dinkins Street
W. Fulton Street (between Hwy 22 and Liberty Street)
W. Lee Street
Walnut Street
Waterford Pkwy Drive
Wohner Street

Adeline (Between Johnson Street & Canal Street)
Bowman Street
Boyd Street
Chinn Drive
Clarence Court
Cypress Street
East & West Mary Court
Franklin Street
Front Street (North of Peace Street)
Frost Street
George Washington Avenue
Green Street
Harvey Watkins Sr. Drive  (Between Peace Street & North, North of Peace Street)
Hickory Street (North of Peace Street)
Hwy 51 (West side from Square to Yandell Road)
Johnson Street
King Ranch Road (in City Limits)
Lillie Drive
N. Canal Street
N. West Street
North Union (From Square to Yandell Road)
Old Airport Road
Park Street (West of Hwy 22)
Phillip Court
Plummer Drive
Ricks Drive (W. Peace Street to the City Limits)
S. Martin Luther King (Between W. North St to George Washington Avenue)
S. Union Street (between Square and Hwy 51)
Semmes Street ( east of Hwy 51)
Smith Street
W Peace Street ( North Side between Plummer and Liberty)
W. Center Street
Welsh Street (between W. North Street & George Washington Street)
West Street

Adeline Street (Between Mace Street and S. Martin Luther King Drive)
Cherry Street
Coleman Street
Dobson Avenue (Between Yandell Avenue & Sherwood Drive)
Doherty Street
Dowdle Drive (in City Limits)
Edward Street
Elm Street
Finney Road (In City Limits West and Near Hwy 51)
Forbes Lane
Garfield Street
Grant Street
Green Acres Drive
Harding Street
Holmes Avenue ( only the part in the city limits)
Hoover Street
Hwy 51 (From Yandell Avenue North to the city limits, both sides)
Industrial Drive
Isabella Street
James Drive (in City Limits)
James Street
Johnson Street
Kidder Street
Lashonda Circle
Liberty Village Cove
Lincoln Street
Linda Drive
Mace Street
Matthews Drive (in City Limits)
McBride Road
McKinley Street
N. Monroe Street ( between Covington Street to Dowdle Drive)
Morgan Road (Near Hwy 51 in City Limits)
N. Liberty Ext Street
N. Martin Luther King Jr Drive (Add George Washington to Hwy 51)
N. Union Ext. Street
Nell Drive
Oak Street
Richard Circle
Roosevelt Street
Rufin Street
Sherwood Drive
Singleton Street
Tex Street
Washington Street
Welsh Street (North of George Washington Street)
Willow Avenue
Wilson Street
Yandell Avenue

Bane Street
Barfield Street
Cisne Avenue
Commerce Avenue
Covington Drive
Denson Street
Dodbson Avenue (Between E. Center Street & Yandell Avenue)
E Peace Street (North Side)
E. Center Street
E. North Street
Evans Street
Faith Lane
Finney Road (East, Near Hwy 43 in City Limits)
Hargon Street (between E. Peace & Covington)
Hilcrest Street
Hwy 43 (North of Hwy 16)
Hwy 51 (East side Between E Peace Street & Yandell Avenue)
Jackson Street
Little Street
Lyon Street (North of Peace Street)
Madison Street (North of E. Peace Street)
Maris Avenue
McDonald Avenue
Miller Street
N. Adams Street
N. Monroe Street (Between E Peace Street and Covington)
Nobel Avenue
North Street
Park Drive
Park Street
Rebecca Drive
Shady Lane
Tisdale Avenue
Trafton Avenue
Wood Street
Young Street

Academy Park Drive
Alice Scott Drive
Avondale Road (in City Limits)
Belview Avenue
Bianca Way
Bob White Drive
Brook Street
Butchart Road
C D Butch -Ousley Mem Drive
Cedar Street
Country Club Drive and Road
Douglas Street
E. Academy Street (East of Hwy 51)
E. Dinkins Street
E. Fulton Street (E side of Hwy 51)
E. Peace Street (southside)
Fox Lane
George Street
Glenfield Lake Road
Glenfield Road
Grand Street
Hargon Stret (South of East Peace)
Hart Road (In City Limits)
Hart Street (in City Limits)
Hill Street
Hwy 43 (South of Hwy 16)
Jackson Ridge Cove
Jackson Ridge Road
Jade Cove
Jones Street
Katherine Drive
Kathy Circle
Kathy Circle
Lakeview Drive
Lyon Street (South of East Peace Street)
Madison Street (South of East Peace Street)
Marthagene Drive
Maties's Drive
Maxwell Lane
McGraw Road
McMurphy Street
Meadow Lark Drive
Mimosa Drive
Montgomery Lane
Nancy Drive
Nichols Road (City limits)
North Old Canton (city Limits)
Orrick Street
Pear Street
Penn Road
Plum Street
Priestly Street
Rasberry Street
Ray Street
S Adams Street
S. Monroe Street (Bewteen S of E Peace Street to Dinkins)
Semmes Street (East of Hwy 51)
Smith-Vanz Court
South of East Peace Street
Steen Lane
Sunnydale Street
Sunset Drive
Van Buren Street
W. Lyon Street
Weems Street
Williams Street
Woodland Drive
Zachary Lane

Written by Jerry Lousteau   
Monday, 25 June 2012 15:05


In the City of Canton, Waste Pro will NOT pick up garbage on Wednesday the July 4th.

The Wednesday routes will be picked up Thursday, Thursday routes will be picked up Friday, and the Friday routes will be picked up Saturday.

In the rest of the county, garbage picked up by the Madison County Road department.

The Wednesday July 4th route will be picked up a day EARLY on Tuesday July 3rd with no pickup on the 4th.